A Complete Guide for Wordmark Logo Design

When it comes to creating the best first impression, logo design is the perfect place to do the same. It not only represents your business but also it shows the professionalism of your company. This is the only reason behind companies investing a lot in designing an iconic logo for their business. If you look closely, there are numerous types of Graphic designed today. Wordmark logo design, watercolor Graphic design, rustic logo design, etc.

But the question arises, which type of logo design is perfect for your company? Don't you worry? In this blog, we will tell you why you should choose the wordmark Graphic design for your company. In simple words, Wordmark Design is nothing but a symbol which every organization uses for brand recognition. Your company's Custom Logo Design is the first thing which customer will encounter your organization.

Apart from this, your company's logo design can also be used in the branding and advertising as well. Consolidating your business' Graphic design in your marketing strategy refers to logo design branding. Using it in your social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing can help you in increasing a lot of new customers to your business.

Let us understand one should opt Wordmark logo design while a logo for their company

1. What is Wordmark logo design?

A wordmark Custom logo is not dependent on any picture to convey its message. It can also be described as a font-based logo. In this type of Graphic design, the company's name is more emphasized. Famous companies such as Google, Coca-Cola, Visa, etc. have a wordmark logo design for their brand.

2. When to use the wordmark logo?

If you want your company's name to be the chief feature in the marketing, wordmark logo design is the best way to do the same. This type of logo is based on typography. One of the challenging tasks in text logo design is, you have to choose the perfect font for the design. You should select the font which has wide varieties, or you can also customize the font as per your niche business mind.

This was complete information about wordmark Custom logo and why you should choose it. Why you should fuse the typography in logo design and give your logo a refreshing look. For every business organization, Graphic design acts as a face to the company.


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